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Vi's Journey 

This is my latest quilt using the Fold and Sew method.  Click on the Fold and Sew link on the left side of this page to read it's story and how to make the blocks contained in this quilt.




 I'm excited to announce that I presented a webinar on my Fold and Sew   quilting technique. 

 In the webinar I show how to make the simplest blocks in addition to the Blue Diamond, Points Out, Hexie, and Arrow Blocks shown below.  I also share the basic rules of Fold and Sew and helpful tips not shown any where else.

 The following link will take you to a site where you can purchase the Fold and Sew class download.


Or order a PDF version of the webinar by contacting me through my email address:


 Also look at the site below to buy Quiltmaker issues containing my Fold and Sew patterns.

Quilt and Sew Shop

Quiltmaker published a block a month using my Fold and Sew technique, in their 2014 issues.  Click on the Quiltmaker Fold and Sew link on the left hand side of the page for additional information on the blocks and the quilts made from them. 

                  Baby PInwheel           Blue Diamond                Arrow

                   Jan/Febr. 2014           March/Apr. 2014           May/June 2014



                        3 Square                    Points Out                      Hexie

                   July/Aug  2014            Sept/Oct  2014           Nov/Dec  2014



 I LOVE TO QUILT! and I’m blessed to be able to do what I love in my home, in the country, near a small town in the heart of Nebraska. My husband and I raise corn, soybeans, and alfalfa on our farm. We have one son, one daughter and 3 grandsons (I LOVE BEING A GRANDMA).  Here's a picture


I started my quilting career 30 years ago. My sister (who was the creative artist for Quiltmaker magazine), asked me to help quilt baby quilts that she’d designed for a book published by Quiltmaker. I’ve been quilting for the magazine, and their sister publication Quilter’s Newsletter, ever since.  For quilting tips from recent projects I've sewn for the magazines, click here.  I couldn’t ask for a better job or nicer people to work with. I also quilt for the public. I can design a custom quilt, or quilt the tops you have, for a very competitive price and with great skill. Please feel free to contact me at any time for more information.

I squeeze time in between paying projects to work on my personal quilts. I specialize in traditional heirloom machine quilting, and my real love is colorful shadow applique.  I just finished this little wallhanging which highlights my filler quilting and my feathers.  I also take classes at least once a year from a major star in the quilting world to garner fresh ideas and sharpen my skills. This miniature quilt was from a class given by George Sicilliano. It is 18” x 18” and contains over 1000 pieces.  Right now, I'm quilting a top I started last winter that's made from the challenge fabric from my quilt group in Arizona.  I used preprinted foundation panels to make the New York Beauty blocks and found that to be an easy way to piece a fussy block.  Just make sure your printed foundation panels are squared up so that seams match when sewn together.

My other quilting love is teaching others what I’ve learned about quilts in my career.  I promised my quilt group in Arizona a primer on tuck quilts, and I wanted to work up a class on border/binding treatments.  The result is Window Pane Tucks.  I was surprised, pleased, and very excited when this quilt won best wall hanging at the 2010 Nebraska State Fair in a field of close to 100 quilts.  It was a surprise because I'd entered the same quilt in the fair in 2009 and only placed 3rd in it's division.  What a difference a judge makes!  




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Quilt and Sew Shop

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